Collaborative Partnership Leads to $10,000 Water Grant for Kenya School

Collaborative Partnership Leads to $10,000 Water Grant for Kenya School

Sirua Aulo Academy is the top ranked primary school in Narok County, Kenya. The school and its surrounding community suffers from a lack of sufficient clean water to provide for basic needs of the children and residents of the area. This leads to a host of health and other problems that could otherwise be alleviated by a reliable supply of clean water.

4 Africa Now and Sanguinetti & Company recently presented the "Essence of Africa" program at Fountainview Retirement Facility in West Palm Beach, Florida. During program activities, we networked with local residents and visitors while educating them about Africa and the tribes and communities we directly work with. Through this time of cultural interaction and exchange, we met a valuable contact that led us to the GO Campaign. The GO Campaign is a California based organization that connects donors to high-impact grassroots projects aimed at changing lives and transforming communities, one child at a time.

Via the collaborative support and effort of our partners at Dream Sponsors Inc., a few other individuals and the 'Essence of Africa' Program, the Sirua Aulo Academy recently received a $10,000 water grant from the GO Campaign. The search for groundwater has begun near the school grounds. Aqua well Services (Kenya) has conducted hydrogeological surveys in April and drilling begins this May. We are praying for the discovery and successful access to clean water very soon.

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The drill strikes water months after we and a team of collaborative partners helped secure a $10,000 grant for Sirua Aulo Academy

Emmanuel Tasur, Founder of Sirua Aulo Academy, on striking water in Trans Mara West, Kenya

"Praise God!! Prayers answered... glad to announce a hit of a huge well at the Sirua Aulo High School site - a big shout-out and gratitude to a massive team of friends and partners...conservative estimates place the well at 5,000 litres an hour... I took some shots of this gush!! Asante sana...Please celebrate with us!!"

Photos taken by Emmanuel Tasur, founder of Sirua Aulo Academy, the school that will benefit from this new access to water