We are a small business based in South Florida. We specialize in promoting and facilitating trade and cultural exchange between Africa and the United States. Founded in late 2013, our company exists to bridge the gap between Africa and the USA, one transaction, one relationship at a time.

We offer personalized cross-continental services and solutions customized to meet each client's vision and budget. We are especially enthusiastic about working with small businesses and enterprises that are looking to create a market for themselves by trading between these two great markets.

Minimizing the gap between the world's most powerful emerging market and the globe's leader in innovation, entrepreneurship and technology is most certainly key to largely improved economies in both regions. This is why investors and large corporations have their sites set on Africa now more than ever. We believe that small businesses should not be left out when it comes to the opportunities and benefits of trade between these two key regions. Our knowledge and experience are firmly rooted in the city of Nairobi, Kenya (East Africa), but they have been cultivated and propagated in the United States. This is why we can offer you assistance on both fronts. Let us work with you to take your US-Africa business venture to the next level.

Professional Business Services

Our intercontinental services include various facets of market entry, brand strategy, transaction brokering, product marketing & sales, business management and operations.

We forge partnerships with various businesses, designers and craftsmen who produce a variety of quality products and services that are superior in their specific industry. We are actively seeking distributors in Africa for various products made or marketed by American companies. We also conduct direct sales in the USA of some specially selected handmade items from Africa as we test markets and introduce new, unique products to the world's largest consumer market.

Some of our current clients and partners include: Pharma Supply (USA), Aerocraft International (USA), The Governors Camp Collection (Kenya & Rwanda), Afros (Kenya), Kanoti Designs (USA & Trinidad) amongst others.

Aircraft Sales in Africa
In conjunction with Pharma Supply, USA
Safari Consultation for US Residents

Nonprofit & Social Change Initiatives

We also work with nonprofit and social change entities acting on their behalf or as part of a team, both in Africa and the United States. We volunteer our time, skills and resources to organizations that are making a true positive impact on human society across borders and cultures.
We are proud to work with the following nonprofits and businesses that are not only empowering the people they serve, but are also bringing Africa and the United States together on a cultural and social level:


Dream Sponsors Inc
Dream Sponsors Inc.
Kijana Educational Empowerment Initiative
Amani Hope Foundation
Amani Hope Foundation